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Alabama took the field against Texas A&M Saturday and left a smoldering crater where Aggies once stood.

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Ole Miss finally won the party and the game.

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Why did Alabama lose?

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Adam Zucker has an enviable position, one he feels lucky to have.


We went behind the ropes of SEC Nation. Tebow is involved.


Most major college football programs have spring games; some charge an entrance fee, some are nationally televised. But Alabama’s “A-Day” spring game is different.

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CSS: A lot can happen in one second.


I reviewed “The Storm and the Tide” and interviewed the author. Read them.

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Alabama beat Arkansas 14-13 on Saturday and I wrote about it.

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Lane Kiffin has fixed Alabama’s offense, Brian Volger honors a fallen friend, and I wrote about watching a game at Auburn.

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I’ve had a busy week.


I started writing for someone new and here’s what I’ve done for them so far.


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