After decades of sports broadcasting, Verne Lundquist still prepares the same way for every game.

(Photo by Jonathan Biles)

Ole Miss finally won the party and the game.

Zucker pic

Adam Zucker has an enviable position, one he feels lucky to have.


We went behind the ropes of SEC Nation. Tebow is involved.

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CSS: A lot can happen in one second.


It’s Western Carolina week and that’s not very exciting. Here’s what I’ve been writing this week.


A lot happened this week.

Alabama v Auburn

It’s the lead-up to Alabama’s final away game and one of the most important games of the season. Here’s what I’ve been doing all week.

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Playoffs? College Football Playoffs?


It’s Tennessee week for Alabama, one filled with passion of beating a rival and the need to sustain the energy level from the previous week. With Lane Kiffin’s return to Knoxville, Alabama’s offensive coordinator has dominated the story lines this week. On Monday, Nick Saban talked about giving him advice on going back to a […]

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Alabama took the field against Texas A&M Saturday and left a smoldering crater where Aggies once stood.


I reviewed “The Storm and the Tide” and interviewed the author. Read them.

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Alabama beat Arkansas 14-13 on Saturday and I wrote about it.


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